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Different Diamond Cuts and Their Cost

Did you know that getting a diamond cut that is anything but a circle cut, it is a lot more expensive. So if you would like to get a not too expensive ring then you're better off paying for a fancy cut diamond instead. The different diamond cuts are the marquise, emerald, pear, heart, oval, and the princess. One thing besides other stuff that you need to look for while purchasing your diamond is that if the diamond has a nice length to width ratio.

The marquise cut name came from a legend of the Marquise of Pompadour that the Sun King wanted a diamond to be polished into the shape of the mouth of a Marquise. Most marquise cuts contain 56 facets. Some things you should look into before buying your marquise diamond is that a poor marquise cut is detected by a “bow tie effect”.

The emerald cut is a rectangular shape. The flat planes is similar to steps of a stair. Unlike the marquise cut, emerald cut does not have the “bow tie effect”, and it is best to buy a higher quality emerald because both inclusions and the lower color will make it more noticeable in the emerald cut than in any other cut.

The pear shaped cut is a combination of the round and marquise cut. The two main jewelry's that look good with a pear shape are pendants and earrings because of the “tear drop shape”. One thing to look into when buying a pear cut diamond is to look for the “bow tie effect”.

The heart shape diamond cut is similar to the pear shape diamond cut. The thing that is most important in a heart shaped cut is that shape appeal. When looking into the heart shape cut make sure the overall girdle outline looks nice and attractive. The lobes of the heart should be even and well defined. The heart also has the “bow tie effect”.

The oval shape cut is also similar to the round cut, except the oval shape is elliptical. The oval shape cut has 56 facets and also the shape appeal is very important. Some of the stuff to look for before purchasing your oval shape diamond is that the sides should be even.

The princess cut is pretty recent compared to all the other cuts we mentioned above. Many people like the princess cut because it has a square rectangular shape to it and it has the same sparkle as a round cut diamond. While purchasing the princess cut diamond you should also consider the shape appeal. You should look at the shape and make sure all the sides are even, and that all the girdles are smooth.

Diamonds are graded by the 5 C's system, carat, color, clarity, cut, and cost. Some ways you can measure a carat is one of these: 1ct., 200 milligrams, 1/5 gram, 100 points, 4 grainer. Carats are referred only by weight, and dimensions. You can have a well cut, deep, or a shallow diamond cut that is why diamond's are referred by weight.

The price of a carat is expressed by the trade price per carat. Sometimes when jewelers say that the weight of the carat has the biggest impact on the price of the stone, which is referred to the unit price per carat. How are carats determined? Well, if you keep these four in mind, and they are .25 ct is -4.1mm, .50 ct. is -5.2mm, .75 is -5.9mm, 1.00 ct. is -6.5mm. To see how much your diamond is going to cost you should consider that a G color and a SI1 clarity diamond will be in one category of price when your diamond is between the sizes of .50 – .69 carats. If you take the same quality diamond and increase the size of the diamond to .70 - .89 carat range will increase the prince of your diamond to about $1,100 per carat and so on. Remember when you want to pick out your fancy shaped diamond to have a nice length to width ratio to it.

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